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I have had several personal trainers over the years and Ian is unique! He really takes time to understand what you're trying to achieve, what interests and motivates you and without even realising it, you achieve your goals and see a real difference. He's really passionate about sport and is constantly improving his own knowledge to make sure he can add the most value to his clients. After my 2nd baby I never thought I'd get my shape back and more importantly find some energy from somewhere. Through patience and the gentle push I needed I have achieved both! I feel better than I have done even before I had kids.
Louise Butler -  HR Director RBS
'I started training with Ian after several years of shamefully doing no exercise what so ever. I couldn’t bear the thought of going back into a gym and the relentless monotony of machinery which I was constantly doing battle with! I found Ian, and my whole perspective of fitness training changed. Every session is different, every session is fun, he gently pushes you and somehow knows exactly when you are about to hit that, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ feeling! He makes you feel good, gives you lots of confidence and never utters a negative word, always encouraging no matter how bad you are & I know as I was unbelievably unfit! He is an absolute joy to spend a few hours a week with.'
Christine Buckfield - Owner, Plain Clothes Portugal
'Six months ago I'd just returned from a fantastic honeymoon and, while I'd gained a great life experience, not to mention wife, I was now unable to run more than two miles without collapsing in an ungainly heap.
Since then I have trained weekly with Ian and have returned to a form where I can run a half-marathon in a respectable time. These fantastic sessions have formed the cornerstone of my training and return to form.
He is able to balance a warm and friendly personality with the tough edge needed in a great PT. For me, it is very important to avoid bordom in training and Ian's ever changing and evolving programs kept me on my toes and enjoying every part of the process. I would recommend training with Ian to everyone... well, most people.'
Oliver Smyth - Animation Director 
I love training with Ian. Somehow he manages to make each session more stretching, yet more enjoyable than the last! Ian manages to get the best out of me and I have seen noticeable improvements in my stamina and overall fitness. I really can't recommend Ian highly enough!
Marina Pettengell - Head of Partnerships,
'After having major surgery my surgeon suggested some PT sessions. I have trained with different PT's before however they have always been in a gym where I have felt that 'I could have done that on my own'.
"I feel my training with Ian has been the most useful and beneficial out of all the PT trainers. My running skills have improved and so has my stamina which is still improving. My motivation for exercise was very low due to being out of the habit, however Ian motivates me and makes exercise fun, but at the same time challenging. Most of all you can see the benefits! Thank you!"
Sarah Matthews - Accountant  
“Although being trained by my husband and being a Pilates teacher, Ian has enabled me in the last few months to really build my stamina and give me the right exercising techniques to not only feel great but also to aid my own work in Pilates. I am looking to compete in a 10k race and my fitness levels have increased rapidly in the short time I have been training and I am now focusing my efforts onto gaining a competitive time rather than just completing”
Caroline Copp - Freelance Pilates Teacher
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